Selling Your Home

Leveraging our deep local market knowledge, we combine cutting-edge technology with strategic marketing to engage a diverse audience, creating a unique marketing plan tailored to each property. Our approach includes stunning realtor-led cinematic videos and dynamic social media campaigns, complemented by time-honored marketing methods, to give your property the competitive edge it deserves.

Social Media

Each listing is thoughtfully distributed to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and over 25 of the industry’s leading real estate online publications, such as and We ensure your home receives the exposure it needs to command top dollar through our extensive digital network, organic, and paid ad reach.

Cinematic Video Experiences

In today’s global market, with buyers often spanning continents, the personal touch matters more than ever. Our realtor-led Dynamic True Video tours are meticulously crafted not just to showcase, but to stir emotions, allowing buyers—wherever they are—to feel the unique spirit of your home as if they were walking through its doors. These immersive experiences are designed not just to show but to make each property felt, captivating the imaginations of the most discerning buyers and ensuring your listing receives the exceptional exposure it deserves.

Luxury Brochures

Your home’s perfection is mirrored in our luxury brochures, designed to continue the narrative of excellence. Each magazine-quality brochure, complete with high-quality photos and floor plans, is a testament to quality, presenting your home with captivating imagery and detailed information for buyers to cherish and contemplate.

Professional Photography

Working with the very best in professional real estate photography, our team curates visuals that capture and hold attention, often featured in a number of architectural and design magazines and trending on social media, attracting the attention of international buyers.

3D Tours & Floor Plans

We offer the option of precise on-site measurements and digital floor plans, coupled with interactive 3D tours, for an immersive virtual experience of homes that is unparalleled in today’s market.

Events & Open Houses

We understand the power of firsthand impressions and the influence of well-connected agents. Our meticulously planned open houses and VIP agent events are designed to spotlight your home’s unique features, directly engaging potential buyers and the agents who represent them, ensuring your property makes a lasting impression.

Biggar Advantage

By choosing Biggar, you gain access to the collective expertise and dedication of our entire team not just one agent, ensuring a comprehensive approach to your needs. Experience the added service benefits of collaborating with a team, from enhanced flexibility and personalized attention at every step.